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A Feast of Dreams and Glory- The 13th Chengxin Camp Closing & Award Ceremony

Views: 688     Author: Charlotte Hill     Publish Time: 2023-10-24      Origin: WellPromotion 13th Chengxin Camp Closing & Award Ceremony

In the golden autumn of October, the closing and award ceremony of the 13th Chengxin Camp of Anhui Qihang Cross-border E-commerce Chamber of Commerce came to a successful conclusion in a joyful atmosphere. The 13th Chengxin Camp Procurement Festival was a 45-day sales feast hosted by Anhui Qihang Cross-border E-commerce Chamber of Commerce and organized by Anhui WellPromotion Import and Export Co., Ltd. The closing ceremony reviewed the data during the Procurement Festival and commended outstanding partners. In a warm atmosphere, we revised the results achieved during this Procurement Festival and witnessed the glorious moments of the outstanding award-winning teams.

The 13th Chengxin Camp Closing & Award Ceremony

At the beginning of the meeting, the host led everyone to review the data of this Procurement Festival, including goal completion, total score of each team, sales amount, etc. During this 45-day schedule, the eight teams experienced fierce competition and fought hard. With full passion and unremitting perseverance, they demonstrated the vitality and persistence of the foreign trade salesman, and continued to make progress and surpass towards the goal.

The 13th Chengxin Camp Closing & Award Ceremony

Next, in the awarding session, Mr. Pan from Anhui WellPromotion Import and Export Co., Ltd.,, the organizer of this Procurement Festival, awarded the "Navigator" commemorative trophies to the eight captains. This reflects the chamber of commerce's recognition of the breakthroughs and achievements achieved by the captains during the festival, and also encourages them to continue to lead their business partners in the pursuit of excellence! With everyone's expectations, various awards were announced one after another. The winning teams and their members stepped onto the podium amidst warm applause to receive their own honors. The leaders of the Chamber of Commerce awarded trophies and certificates to the winners and took a group photo to mark the occasion. At the same time, award-winning individuals and winning teams were also invited to give concluding remarks, allowing the audience to have a deeper understanding of their efforts and gains.

The 13th Chengxin Camp Closing & Award Ceremony

As the meeting came to an end, Mr. Pan, the chairman of the Qihang Cross-Border E-Commerce Chamber of Commerce, once again made a concluding speech on the meeting, affirming the hard work and numerous achievements of all participating teams in the Procurement Festival, and placing high hopes on them in their new journey. Finally, Mr. Pan handed over the flag of the Chamber of Commerce to Mr. Wang from Hefei Craft Tableware Co., LTD., the next organizer. Let’s meet at the 14th Chengxin Camp to witness the miracle again! At this point, the 13th Chengxin Camp Closing & Award Ceremony of the Qihang Chamber of Commerce came to a successful conclusion in a joyful atmosphere. We hope that all partners will continue to gear up and be ready to face new challenges.

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