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Find the perfect fit with a custom waterproof duffel bag

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        There are various styles of duffel bags on the market, and the functions of each duffel bag are also different. How do you choose the most practical and affordable travel duffel bag? For those who love outdoor recreational activities, especially those who often do water activities and camping in the wild, they will love this waterproof duffel bag. Accidents are the most feared thing in travel- in addition to worrying about losing luggage, duffel bags without waterproof function may make clothes damp and unable to go out in rainy days, which is the main reason why many travel enthusiasts and business people who often travel prefer waterproof duffel bags. Wellpromotion is an excellent supplier and manufacturer from China engaged in wholesale and customization of various lifestyle bags. We have more than 20 years of experience in bag design and have passed various certifications from many domestic and foreign authoritative organizations. We have a wide range of products, including but not limited to waterproof duffel bags- all kinds of styles, and can also be customized according to your design concept. We can design a brand waterproof travel bag with an exclusive logo for your company to help promote your business development and sales enhancement.

waterproof duffel bag


        Compared with traditional suitcases with wheels, duffle bags are more convenient to carry. Whether carried as a shoulder bag or by hand, it is always close by. Especially for long-distance travel, you may need to take out items from the bag during the journey. If it is a suitcase that is inconvenient to open, the fabric of the waterproof duffel bag is soft and foldable, and can be placed under the seat and by the feet at will without occupying public space and cause inconvenience. For those of you who travel frequently for business and have very limited carry-on luggage when flying, a carry-on waterproof duffel bag to a large extent to give people more peace of mind— after all, you can always pull out the necessary supplies. Of course, you can also fix it on the trolley of the suitcase, so that you don't have to struggle to carry. When you finish your trip, you can also fold the waterproof duffel bag and save it for the next use.


        For business travelers who travel frequently, waterproof duffel bags can be called mobile “homes”. The practical waterproof duffel bag can be divided into partitions to help you store more belongings neatly and orderly, so that you can travel and business trip more calmly and comfortably. The large-capacity design can hold all your necessary changes of clothes and outing supplies- the size can be customized according to different customer needs. The main space with zipper can store clothes, toiletries, etc., and the side zipper pocket is used to store small items such as your charging cable. In addition, it is also equipped with an independent shoe compartment and a super thoughtful dry and wet separation design- it is inevitable that there will be situations where towels are too late to dry during travel. This unique design can isolate wet clothes from other items and avoid bad situation for getting the whole duffel bag wet. The high-quality waterproof fabric has good wear resistance and dirt resistance, and can keep the clothes inside dry even in the wet field.

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        Different types of bags are suitable for different scenarios and groups of people. For decades, Wellpromotion have always insisted on designing functional customized bags that satisfy customers the most. Welcome to view our product website to choose a variety of waterproof duffel bags and if you have any needs, please leave a message.

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