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For the perfect trip: Buying guide for a travel bag

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Look here. This popular travel bag buying guide will help you avoid the same mistakes that I and many other travelers make. Don't get stuck with a hiking bag that you can't carry with you and have to open and repack every day. When you travel, you live in your backpack. You can't buy the wrong one. Now let's start with the problems that most luggage can have. Then we'll move on to how travel bags solve these problems.


Possible problems with travel bags

Most travelers make the same mistake I did. They depict a backpacker carrying a tall cylindrical bag: a hiking backpack. So this is what they bought. These bags are comfortable enough for hiking, but not for travel.

Hiking backpacks are too large to take on flights, so you'll need to pay an extra $50 round-trip to check your oversized bag. Additionally, you run the risk of losing, misdelivering, or being damaged by the airline. Do you believe that all those straps won't get caught and torn after being thrown around by the luggage handler?

The second problem with trekking bags is that they load from the top, just like garbage bags. Anytime you want to grab something that's not at the top of your bag, you have to dump everything out, grab what you need, and repack the whole bag. Packing is the least fun part of traveling. You don't want to pack and unpack multiple times a day. You need better layouts for organization and easy access.


Things to Consider When Buying a travel bag

When you're shopping for a travel bag, you want a pack that excels in the four main features that are important to this product category.


easy to pack

Easy to carry

Durable on the road

Can carry with you This is the most important thing before buying a bag. Why?

As we discussed above, when you're traveling with only carry-on luggage, you don't have to worry about the airline losing or damaging your bag. Without checked luggage, your physical and mental burden is reduced. Less stuff means less to carry and less to worry about. You don't have to wait for your gear at baggage claim. You will easily pass through the airport to start your journey. You will save time, money and trouble.?

When you go on, you prioritize activities over things. You will remember your trip because of what you did, not what you brought. While we recommend that you travel as light as possible, traveling light means something different for every traveler. So don't choose any number or size of packages, just follow the airline's carry-on rules.

For over a decade, we have translated our ideas into real products and proven them in the market. We have to earn travelers' money, not just their clicks. So, we do sell travel bags. We even hope you can buy one from us. But we also have years of product design experience and customer feedback that tells us what went wrong and what people really want. We hope this guide helped you find the right travel bag to make your trip easier.

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