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Let your business boom with WellPromotion golf bag beer cooler

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        As a professional manufacturer of golf bag beer cooler, we are equipped with professional research and development design and quality inspection team, which can fully meet the demand of global customers for high quality and individual customization. Nowadays people spend more and more energy and attention on sports and fitness, so how to pick a golf cooler that has great demand potential? Please take note of WellPromotion golf bag. A golf bag cooler is not only a single storage container, but some details about the appearance and function can highlight your creativity and style. We provide customized golf bags in various colors and sizes to better meet the needs of different customers and fully reflect your unique product features.

        1.Enough capacity, portable to carry

        The overall size of this golf bag beer cooler looks small, but the interior can hold any brand of two bottles of wine or six bottles of canned beverages. It is very lightweight and can fit in a travel bag, so when you are on a business trip or traveling, take it with you and don't worry about taking up space.

        2.Multiple wearing options, convenient to wear

        You can choose to wear this golf bag beer cooler in three ways, the first is to carry it. Please rest assured that this golf bag has a durable top handle, and the joint between the belt and the bag body is stitched tightly, which is very firm and can bear a certain weight and is durable. In consideration of saving effort when carrying the bag, we have adopted a widened and thickened design, which can reduce the pressure when you carry the bag and maximize the comfort as much as possible. You can also choose to use it as a shoulder bag. The detachable shoulder strap is very convenient to use, you can choose to wear it vertically or horizontally.

golf bag beer cooler

        3.Unique style, durable in use

        High quality metal zipper is not only not easily damaged, but also very durable. With the overall gray-blue tone of the bag, it highlights a very luxurious and restrained style. This golf bag beer cooler can be matched with any of your outfits, whether it is for daily entertainment or business trips, it is both practical and fashionable.

        4.Waterproof fabric, functional in design

        The overall fabric of the bag is made of water resistant fabric, so when you are doing outdoor activities, you don’t need to worry about being infiltrated and polluted by accidental rain or dirty water. At the same time, the storage space inside has both thermal insulation and refrigeration functions. That means when you've worked up a sweat after an outdoor workout, you can still grab a refreshing cold drink from your golf bag beer cooler at any time. Or after you do some light exercise, you want to enjoy a cup of warm coffee or a sandwich that still tastes great, this bag can satisfy you. There is also a large exterior pocket designed on the side of the bag, making full use of the storage space. You can put mobile phones, earphones, tissues and other things in it to take and use at any time. That way you don't have to rummage through your entire bag looking for these little things.

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        We have a complete and mature team operation system in golf bag beer cooler production, and experienced workers are familiar with the entire bag production process and detailed operations. With perfect production technology and superb technical support,we are very confident that we can provide you with high quality and high standard bags. If you want to highlight your unique creativity and style, we also provide professional logo customization. Committed to a full range of professional service system, high-quality and low-cost goods and services, to ensure that your consumption needs are fully met. If you have any questions and cooperation intentions, please feel free to contact us and look forward to cooperating with you.

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