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Superb OEM backpack manufacturer: quality and performance guaranteed

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        Backpacks are often used in our daily life. In addition to satisfying the needs of storage, consumers are also paying more attention to the appearance of backpacks. Choosing a backpack that is both beautiful and practical can match your travel outfits and make your more temperament and spirit! How to find a superb OEM backpack manufacturer for a new purchase? Wellpromotion is a global cross-border e-commerce brand enterprise integrating import and export trade and production with 20+ years experience. After decades of devoting ourselves to the custom design, production and wholesale sales of various lifestyle functional bags including backpacks, we have developed into a professional custom manufacturer with an independent production, development and sales system. There are more than ten supporting manufacturers in Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places to provide our company with production supporting services all year round. The product supply system is very mature and complete, which can fully meet the diverse needs of customers in the international market and provide various types of customized OEM/ ODM bags.

OEM backpack manufacturer

        Support OEM

        As a superb OEM backpack manufacturer with rich experience and exquisite workmanship, we serve customers in various fields all over the world. Our main product categories currently involve sports, catering, travel and many other fields- such as gym bags, lunch bags, duffel bags and so on. For decades, Wellpromotion has provided all kinds of bag production and supports brand logo customization. We have established long-term cooperation with many professional and reliable material suppliers. Please rest assured that we have always chosen environmentally friendly materials that do not cause any harm to the human body and the environment. Various types of materials, such as pu leather, polyester, canvas, RPET and more to meet all your fabric needs for custom backpacks. At the same time, in order to avoid the color difference of finished products, we provide fabric color cards for customers to choose colors. Please rest assured that our color cards have been strictly compared with the international market norms, and the international general professional Pantone color numbers are fully adopted. Meanwhile, we support many types of custom brand labels, including silk screen printing, embroidered logo, digital printing, etc. Wellpromotion focuses on creating functional bags for different scenarios, suitable for business use in many fields.

        Variety of styles

        A backpack that suits you can not only meet the basic storage needs, but also highlight your temperament and taste. As a superb OEM backpack manufacturer, our backpacks are versatile- whether it's a college style school backpack, a stylish casual backpack or a travel backpack for all kinds of outdoor activities, we have it all in a variety of styles. For different consumer groups, our backpacks can be customized in size, and a backpack of the right size will make people look more energetic when carried. There are perfect internal functional partitions in the backpack, allowing you to accommodate more things. The soft and breathable shoulder straps are equipped with adjustable buckles to ensure that you can adjust the comfortable length of the shoulder straps at will.

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        As a superb OEM backpack manufacturer, Wellpromotion can fully design and produce backpacks according to customer production needs. Our high-quality production line ensures that you will receive the most satisfactory brand customized backpacks in time. If you have needs in mass customization and production of brand backpacks, please click and leave a message, our dedicated team will reply you immediately.

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