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Tips to select tote bags

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        Tote bags are designed for people who like to carry things around with them. Most people would not be able to survive without a tote bag to carry their daily needs. But if you ignore the appearance of a tote bag just because it has such a function, it is too dull, especially when the fashion standards keep changing every year. Never take it for granted to buy a tote bag with basic functions.

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        1. Bright color hand tote bag is the most beautiful

        Wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a traditional dark suit, a bright orange, red or pink tote bag can make you shine instantly. It is best to choose a brightly colored tote bag that suits your height. Small girls should not carry a tote bag that almost covers their whole body.

        2. Oversized tote bag is the most convenient

        If the pockets in the dress are stuffed with things, it will give a very messy and bad feeling. Although very convenient, it will seriously affect its appearance. So if you have a lot of stuff to take out, a large tote with a small handbag would be a good suggestion to hide the tote in a large tote, which is convenient and neat. So choosing a large size or oversized tote bag will be the best choice.

        3. Black, brown tote bag most versatile

        There is no time, energy, or capital to match various different bags for your daily wear. The versatile black and brown tote bag will be your best! This match can complement both skin tone and color layers, and in some cases, can also be refreshing.

        4. Carry-back dual-use tote bag most practical

        The tote bag can be hand-carried and shoulder-backed, and the dual-use tote bag can be changed at any time according to your needs or clothing matching. The most suitable for young girls shopping use. You can also take it to the supermarket or market and other stores. A medium to large tote bag can always be used as a shopping bag to some extent. This tote bag will generally have a large opening towards the top, making it easy to store and pick up items. Choose canvas, fiber, cotton, and linen fabrics that can be used instead of plastic bags to hold a large number of things you want to buy.

        5. Chain tote bag most elegant and sophisticated

        Metal chains as a bag can increase the tote bag's exquisite and fashionable feeling. In the tote bag, the chain strap is always and the leather fabric inseparable. PU leather is also like the most affordable users do not tire of the choice. A leather tote bag gives an air of elegance. You can take it on a date or to a party at night, both of which will make you look cooler.

        In the event that you try to use a tote bag instead of the plastic bags that you spend a few cents on every trip to the mall, you have an additional layer of eco-friendliness with this bag. A save energy and save money trendy is now popular. designers take inspiration from winter cotton clothing and use swollen fabric with a thick middle sandwich as the raw material for the tote bag, which is very soft to use. If you like this style, you can try to make one yourself with the clothes you don't want. Most of the tote bags have small compartments inside for the storage of valuables. A compartment with a zipper or an opening can also be used as a coin purse.

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