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Waterproof backpack to make your long-distance travel easier

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If you are planning your next business trip or trip. You'll be taking your laptop with you, so you don't want to risk getting anything wet. Then it is very necessary to choose a waterproof backpack.

About waterproof backpack

If the backpack is marked with a waterproof label, you can fully immerse the bag in water without letting moisture in. Waterproofing is more about being underwater than in the rain. Water resistance is suitable for extreme conditions, such as falling off a boat, rather than taking a short walk in light rain. A waterproof backpack is only required if a dry bag is possible. They are actually the same product. Dry bags can be used to protect your phone or keys when you are drifting in the river or at risk of dropping them into the sea.

Making a waterproof bag that will keep your stuff dry even when submerged in water is a huge effort.

Designers have to make sacrifices to create a waterproof bag. Each material needs to pass an immersion test, and the components must be assembled in a way that does not create holes. The standard process for sewing fabrics creates holes for water penetration at each stitch. These holes are too small to affect the performance of your travel pack in the rain. However, they matter if you submerge your bag in a lake.


What is the real meaning of waterproof?

A waterproof backpack might just keep your stuff dry in a drizzle, or perform well in a downpour. To get an idea of where a pack fits in that range, check for two main factors: zippers and fabric. If you see coated zippers on your backpack, your bag will perform well in light rain. The coated zipper keeps water out of the bag in one of the most vulnerable places because there are gaps all over the zipper. For example, we use PU coated racket coil zippers on our backpacks.

The fabric is more complicated. Some "waterproof" fabrics are just tightly woven nylon with a durable waterproof coating on the back. No matter how tightly you weave the fabric, there will always be holes. Pores mean that water can pass through the fabric. Cheaper fabrics solve this problem by coating them to keep out moisture. The coating can be used for a while, but will degrade over time.

A high-quality waterproof backpack keeps your belongings safe and dry in heavy rain. However, if you toss your waterproof backpack into a lake, your laptop might not work as well either. If you're kayaking, bring a dry bag that's really waterproof. Waterproof Backpack produced by Wellpromotion is a waterproof, carry-on backpack designed for urban travel. For more information on the benefits of waterproof fabrics and all the other travel-optimized features built into the pack, please contact our luggage experts.

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