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Your guide to travel bags for all your vacation needs

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        On a pleasant and expectant journey, a good-looking and practical travel bag is indispensable- to a certain extent, it increases the happiness experience of the journey. So what kind of travel bag should you choose when traveling? The market is full of a variety of travel bags of the same nature, which are different in material, size and additional functions. When buying a travel bag, you should not only consider the appearance, but also pay attention to the quality of the product. A suitable travel bag can carry daily necessities or anything you want to bring with you, allowing you to plunge into nature and enjoy your journey. Wellpromotion is a manufacturer and supplier from China engaged in the production and sales of bag with 20+ years experience. We have advanced equipment with complete functions and is the bag production plant with the largest production scale and the most complete management facilities in the region. The customization service of travel bags we provide includes material, size, packaging, color, graphics and accessories, etc., and strives to create a leading high-quality customization products, providing a variety of business, travel and lifestyle bags. Hope to create a more comfortable and smooth travel experience for travelers with thoughtful custom-designed travel bags.

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        Selection guide

        Selecting the right travel bag is a critical step in travel planning. If you choose a bag that is too big, you may not need it and it will look awkward and bulky when you carry it. And a travel bag that is too small cannot hold all the necessities for your trip. Wellpromotion can customize the size to meet your different needs for the size of the travel bag. The travel bag has multiple compartments, which can help you store items scientifically, so that you can find what you need more easily. For example, clothes can be packed in the main compartment of the bag, and shoes can be stored in a separate side shoe compartment, which also prevents other things from getting dirty. The wet and dry separation design is more user-friendly-the change of clothes that you have no time to dry during the trip can be placed separately from the clean clothes. Travel bags are mostly used outdoors. Cloths such as nylon, polyester, and canvas have good wear resistance, which is enough to support wind, sun, and scratches and abrasions during travel. Considering that the fabric is prone to mildew if kept wet for a long time, our waterproof fabric can effectively prevent the contents of the travel bag from being soaked when it rains, and can effectively keep the clothes dry even in a humid environment.

        Design your logo

        You can customize the brand logo on the travel bag according to your own design ideas, and various graphics are available. Custom logo travel bags are the perfect promotional products for various tourist attractions, shopping malls, and gyms. The logo imprint of these personalized travel bags can display your brand in an all-round way with interesting shapes- text or cartoon patterns and various colors. Customized travel bags are given to customers or employees as gifts, showing their practicality whether they are commuting to get off work or traveling on business. At the same time, our travel bags are made of environmentally friendly materials, which are more in line with the green travel concept advocated by people who love to travel, and add a new height to your brand promotion.

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        Customized logo travel bag can be described as a powerful brand promotion tool, you can choose a travel bag from our series that meets the customer's taste and your brand identity. Wellpromotion will provide quality products at the best factory price within your limited purchasing budget, if you have needs and ideas, feel free to leave a message or contact our email for communication.

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