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Affordable promotional drawstring bags- perfect for outdoor events

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        The design of the drawstring bag provides convenience for various outing leisure and entertainment activities. The simple design style makes the drawstring bag itself very lightweight. Consumers can choose to carry a drawstring backpack when climbing mountains or camping to carry mobile phones, rechargeable battery, tissues and other personal items. Are you still confused about choosing an appropriate promotional drawstring bag for your company's upcoming promotional activities, please pay attention to Wellpromotion customized promotional drawstring bag. All-round customized design of products can fully produce a promotional drawstring bag that satisfies you most according to your needs.

promotional drawstring bags

        Sufficient capacity for daily use

        Compared with ordinary backpacks, drawstring bags are not so cumbersome and formal, and are more suitable for various recreational activities. Our custom promotional drawstring bags have enough space for your everyday essentials. There is a large opening above the main space, which is very convenient for you to store and take out things. There is a small compartment pocket inside for you to classify and place things, so that you don’t have to pour out all the things to get out the small item at the bottom. When you finish taking things, you can tighten the drawstring and tie it up, which is convenient and safe. There is a zippered mesh pocket right in front of the promotional drawstring bag- imagine, in the process of climbing, you can take out paper towels to wipe sweat or some chocolate to satisfy your hunger while walking without untying the drawstring.

        Versatile for multiple scenes

        Promotional drawstring bags have a wide range of applications, whether they are used by students to hold books and notebooks, office workers to carry documents, or used to pack some snacks and daily necessities during daily travel, promotional drawstring bags provide us with convenience. The style of the drawstring bag is not only like a backpack, but you can also customize the hand straps and use it as a handbag. The soft fabric ensures that it can be stored anywhere- such as in a suitcase or duffel bag when traveling. If it is used for daily appointments, you can customize unique printing patterns to enhance the fashion sense and decoration of the bag.

        Use of eco-friendly material

        Our custom promotional drawstring bags are made of recyclable materials and do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment. Every use of reusable drawstring bags is a practice of environmental protection and green travel. Compared with non-degradable plastic bags, drawstring bags are safer and more practical, and also reduce the environmental burden.

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        Whether it's a gift company or a store, a custom promotional drawstring bag is a great promotional gift for a company’s event. Because it is both practical and fashionable, which is suitable for a wide range of scenarios and different groups of people. The lightweight and safe design makes people use it often in their daily travels. Wellpromotion provides you with attentive OEM/ODM service - logo, full print, color, size, package, material, etc can be customized according to your brand's personalized needs. We will match the best price and the most premium products within your limited budget. 100% satisfaction pre-sales and after-sales service ensures that you get prompt and effective response during the purchase process. Get in touch now for a catalog and a quote!

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