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Best cosmetic bags for carrying all of your travel essentials

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        Cosmetic bag has always been a regular feature in luggage and weekend tote bags. As a centralized place for loose items that has the same importance as a toiletry bag, cosmetic bags may be designed to be more functional and user-friendly, popular with modern and fashionable young people. Therefore, it is necessary to equip your perfume store or travel agency with a large number of custom cosmetic bags for storage. With over 20 years of rich experience in providing customized OEM/ODM bags for various companies, Wellpromotion provides high quality goods and services to consumers and create the most satisfying customized products for our customers.

cosmetic bag

        Large capacity

        People have always loved the kind of storage bags that seem to take up very little space when folded. The capacity of a cosmetic bag that can be spread out, don't be fooled by the picture - this bag is actually surprisingly large. The bottom zippers open to create a flat pocket for eye shadow palettes, grooming kits and skincare products, while the top zippers open and stretches out like a bucket bag, allowing you to carry a full bottle of dry shampoo, countless concealers, and more!

        Foldable design

        This collapsible cosmetic bag is packed with storage options, with foldable compartments that can be easily moved and adjusted, and even has a dedicated area for storing your used toothbrush. This is perfect for storing a wide variety of cosmetics. The unfolded hook design allows you to hang it on the wall at will when removing makeup or skin care in the bathroom without taking up too much space on the surface of the sink. Of course, this cosmetic bag is made of waterproof fabric, which also prevents you from accidentally wetting the bag while grooming in the bathroom and causing your cosmetics to get soaked. All the original design is for consumers to use more comfortable.

        Multiple compartments

        With stylish and durable metal zipper, the zippered pouch has adjustable compartments so you can put whatever you want in the slots. The zipper side pocket is equipped with several elastic pouches for storing cosmetic brushes, or mascara, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, etc., as well as a reversible flap that maximizes the utilization of the cosmetic bag's interior space while guaranteeing orderly storage of various cosmetics.

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        Wellpromotion specializes in customization services for plenty of types of functional bags with a wide variety of product categories. They cooler lunch bags, travel bags, makeup and toiletry bags, packing cubes, backpacks, duffel bags, aprons, waist bags, diaper bags, tool kits, pet bags, golf bags, wallets and ticket holders, shoulder bags, camera bags, messenger bags, laptop sleeves, fanny packs, shopping bags, tote bags, and more. Let us help you design a custom logo cosmetic bag to properly highlight your unique brand style and get your brand noticed more widely. If you are interested in our business or are looking for an exceptional bags manufacturer& distributor, please contact our team. Looking forward to establishing long-term and win-win cooperation with partners from all over the world!

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