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Bring your own custom freezable lunch bag to work

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        The weather is getting warmer and summer is coming soon, so it is time to prepare a freezable lunch bag suitable for family picnics, camping and other outdoor recreation activities. Whether it is for work or entertainment, the use of freezable lunch bags is very common. When traveling, camping with the family, or fishing with friends, the freezer lunch bag makes it easy to carry your favorite drinks or meal prep container to school, work, the office, or out in the field. Based on the strong practicability, the demand for freezable lunch bags in the market is also growing. In this summer, choose a multi-functional frozen lunch bag with a personalized design for your company campaign to help your company's business to a higher level. Wellpromotion has decades of rich experience in customizing freezable lunch bags and our company's production line has covered a number of qualification certifications. Based on professional R&D and production and team advantages, we will never let you down.

freezable lunch bag

        Strong sealing properties

        Compared with ordinary tote bags, the freezable lunch bag has a strong zipper design on the top, and a wide opening design for easy access- the lid can be completely reversed, so you can easily access the food placed on the bottom. The waterproof fabric is specially designed for carrying catering items. Whether it is food with soup or drinks with bottled beverages that are not well sealed, the freezable lunch bag can effectively prevent liquid from leaking out of the container and avoiding the embarrassing situation of grease stains sticking everywhere, saving you time cleaning by avoiding getting the bag dirty. Our freezable lunch bags are designed with composite aluminum film. The strong sealing makes them have good thermal insulation and refrigeration performance. It can effectively block the hot air outside the bag in the hot summer, ensuring that your cold beverages will remain intact for a considerable period of time and still taste cool.

        Broad applicability

        We provide a full range of customization services for freezable lunch bags. Customers can choose the color according to the fabric color card we provide, and can also customize the size according to market demand to design a frozen lunch bag with perfect capacity. The mesh pocket on the side is designed to store various bottled drinks and umbrellas. The zip pocket on the front side has good security and can be used to hold mobile phones, keys, napkins and so on. Handheld and shoulder carry- two carrying methods for you to choose. Customized freezable lunch bags are not only stylish, but also very practical. They can be used in various scenes and are suitable for various consumer groups- they can also be used as gifts for friends, relatives and lovers.

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        Wellpromotion not only provides wholesale customized bag services for the catering field, but also includes sports bags, travel bags, cosmetic bags, etc. For decades, we have developed good business cooperation with thousands of companies. Custom design freezable lunch bags printed with your brand's exclusive logo- specific prints, images, text and even artwork, we help you design personalized products that meet your company's promotional needs within a limited budget. Looking forward to further communication and cooperation with all international partners, please feel free to browse our multi-category product websites.

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