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Carry your lunch in comfort with a custom insulated lunch bag

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        A perfect insulated lunch bag is not only able to store your delicious meal, but also can hold your other items. As the weather gets warmer, insulated lunch bags provide great convenience for different groups of people, such as office workers, working mothers and some outdoor entertainment enthusiasts. High-quality insulated lunch bags not only have excellent performance in terms of heat preservation and cold storage, but also conform to the public's aesthetics in style- Wellpromotion provides you with customizable insulated lunch bags, designed for you to meet the diverse needs of consumers of different genders and ages in the market. We have been committed to various life-related functional bags for more than 20 years. So far, as a national excellent global cross-border e-commerce and import and export trade enterprise, we have formed our own integrated industrial base and brand production chain. Whether you are a wholesaler purchasing various bags for a large supermarket, or a buyer looking for a suitable business brand bag for your company, Wellpromotion is more than happy to assist you to find the perfect choice.

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        Most office workers must be disgusted by the same takeaway and fast food, which is not only expensive, but also unable to guarantee the cleanliness and sanitation of food. Use an insulated lunch bag to carry your meal to work or school, which not only saves money, but also ensures a healthy diet. Compared with ordinary plastic bags, our custom insulated lunch bags are made of harmless green materials, allowing you to store all kinds of food with peace of mind. And the durable fabric is enough to support your normal wear and tear during daily use, and the reusable insulated lunch bag can guarantee your green travel and effectively avoid environmental pollution.


        Our insulated lunch bag is made of durable oxford cloth and polyester, and the inner lining is made of composite aluminum film to ensure the overall airtightness of the lunch bag- effectively resist the invasion of cold air in winter, so when you go out, you don't have to worry about the food and drink you put in getting cold quickly and affecting the taste; in the hot summer, the maximum degree of protection from heat to ensure that the chilled fruit and cold drinks you put in will remain cool after hours. The insulated lunch bag has sufficient capacity- the main zipper compartment can be used to store lunch boxes, fruits, drinks, etc.; the front zipper pocket can store your mobile phone, earphones, keys and other small items; in addition, there are side mesh pockets- the unique design can be used to put your umbrella, water bottle and various bottled drinks, and it is easy to access and hold. Our waterproof insulated lunch bag allows you to enjoy delicious food in any scene, such as hiking, camping, picnic and other outdoor entertainment, or school and office. And, you don't have to worry about accidentally spilling soup or drinks, the leak-proof design avoids an annoying mess- when soup or sauce spills inside, you can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth.

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        Wellpromotion has been focusing on custom design and wholesale sales of bags for decades, we provide a wide variety of custom bags with high quality, unique and humanized designs. Over the years, we have met the needs of global customers to the greatest extent with our professional and comprehensive customized services, and have established friendly cooperation with many world-wide brand bag companies. If you intend to wholesale and customize insulated lunch bags printed with your brand exclusive logo, welcome to submit your demand.

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