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Custom soft lunch cooler- boost your sales with experienced Wellpromotion Manufacturer

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        The popularity of the soft lunch cooler is by no means a passing fancy, it not only meets people's daily requirements of using it to store food, but also has a youthful and energetic design that makes it fashionable to become a daily match. How can enterprises seize this opportunity to stand out in the lunch cooler product line and occupy a place in the vast consumer market? Please note that we Wellpromotion is a manufacturer and supplier of lunch cooler, specializing in the R&D, production and sales of bags for many years and having passed several qualifications from authoritative institutions. We are committed to providing the international market with professional customization of lunch bags that meet different consumer needs and are suitable for many scenarios.

        1. More attractive with fashionable graphic

        The soft lunch cooler is a small and delicate square design, the finishing touch is the cartoon cat graphics printed on the outside of the bag, which adds a bit of playfulness and cuteness to it, imagine carrying such a lunch bag when you go to work or out for a picnic, as if you are also more youthful and energetic. The design of the pattern is to pay attention to pairs, different colors corresponding to the cat action pattern are also unique, each has its own characteristics, so will not highlight the monotony. Candy-colored design, including blue, pink, light green, making this lunch bag very popular with children and young people, of course, there is also a low-key and introverted black models, more suitable for adult men to use.

soft lunch cooler

        2. More practical with enough capacity

        The soft lunch cooler is small and compact, with plenty of space available inside, enough to hold your regular lunchbox, cutlery and ordinary canned drinks. Of course, the most important function about a lunch bag is its refrigeration and insulation, with such a lightweight lunch bag, you can take a cold drink from it anytime and anywhere, in the hot summer to experience a touch of cool, or after a busy half-day and exercise, you can still enjoy a warm meal with excellent taste, for you to eliminate the work and trekking fatigue. There is also an open pocket on the outside of the bag, which can be used to place handkerchiefs, tissues, mirrors and other small items for your convenience. The portable carry strap design is very simple and suitable for a variety of occasions.

        3. More dirt-resistant with waterproof design

        The waterproof design greatly improves the use efficiency of the soft lunch cooler. Whether you are accidentally drenched in rainwater during daily travel, or accidentally contaminated with sewage during outdoor sports, you don’t have to worry about the inside being soaked, so that cleaning up is also more convenient. The design of the metal zipper is very smooth to use, and it can also ensure that it is not easy to be damaged by friction and extend the service life of the bag.

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        Not only soft lunch cooler, we also specialize in various functional bags with a wide variety of product categories, and are committed to bringing innovative designs and excellent quality to the global market. If you want to customize your own bags, we offer customization services in terms of logo, pattern, color, size, etc. We provide OEM and ODM customization according to your needs to meet the diversified and personalized needs of our customers to the greatest extent and provide you with high-quality goods and services. We are trustworthy and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and custom needs.

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