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Different types of wallets

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        Wallets have always been our go-to must-haves. Although under the epidemic, people are more and more like to use mobile wallets to pay. Cash flow seems to have more risks of infection than scan code payment, but using wallets is also essential. Cash always saves you when your phone runs out of battery. There's nothing wrong with having an ID and a bank card with you, and keeping it in your wallet can jump out and help you with practical problems when you need it - like going to those occasions where ID is required.


        Slim wallet

        Relatively speaking, many men will consider ultra-thin wallets. It has only a few mezzanine layers and can only hold a few cards and a few photos. Assuming you don't have a large capacity requirement for your wallet, you can use a slim wallet. Although this style of wallet is not a men's patent, it is obviously more popular with men because it fits well into the pockets of men's jeans. . A study by biological chiropractors found that a bulging purse stored in a hip pocket for a long time can affect your back soreness. So, if you only have a few cards and a few coins to store, choosing a nice slim wallet is the best choice.

        Bifold wallet

        The foldable wallet makes its storage space appear larger. This is the old-fashioned leather wallet in the traditional sense. On the surface, it looks devoid of any elements, and the internal mezzanine can save several cards and little coins or family photos. A new bifold wallet will spread a distinct leather smell that some people like and some people find uncomfortable. After a period of use and settling over time, it becomes soft and does not have any strong taste.

         Trifold wallet

          This means more card slots and id card windows. Some tri-fold wallets come with coin pockets and metal zippers on the sides to hold more small items, even your lipstick, and pens. Perhaps you're concerned about the shorter lifespan of a wallet that's often folded multiple times. It depends on the material it is used in. The cowhide or horsehide is even more flexible when it is first used as if it is folded. Faux leather usually is used as a material for a wallet. This is especially evident in trifold wallets. Artificial leather fabrics are not as expensive as genuine leather but have very similar appearance characteristics: waterproof and easy to clean.

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        The more wallets you have, the better. The most important thing is to choose the wallet that suits you best. After all, some wallets fit neatly into your tote bag or backpack, while others are exclusively for your pants pockets. It is not impossible to customize a wallet, we provide professional customization services. Wellpromotion has extensive production experience in making bags and bags. We always use environmentally friendly materials to make products that meet customer tastes according to customer needs. We have a professional quality inspection team and R&D personnel. Continuously improve product quality from production, and design to sales. It is your best choice to choose wellpromotion as your supplier.

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