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Do you still use your everyday backpack as a laptop backpack

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Everyone has different criteria for the backpack’s exterior design. But some of the characteristics are agreed upon. These characteristics not only conform to commercial selling points to a great extent but also win the likes of consumers. So when you need a laptop backpack, look at whether it has these highly recommended features.

The laptop backpack's shoulder straps are not as wide as possible, it is ergonomically wide. Reasonable shoulder straps can disperse weight pressure on human shoulders, making it easier and more comfortable for users to use. However, some laptop backpacks do not carry large weights even if they have relatively wide shoulder straps, considering whether their material is strong or not.


The soft lining is an essential condition. The laptop backpack requires a reasonable fixed compartment that can properly accommodate a 13 "/14 "/15 "laptop. The snap design is also essential to help you reduce the impact of shaking on your laptop during use. It can also be effective in preventing the computer from accidentally leaking out when the backpack forgets to pull the zipper. In addition to this, a good laptop backpack sets up two waist wrap straps. Its presence can effectively reduce the left and right shakes you bring when rushing to catch a train.

An ideal laptop backpack will not lack a double or multi-layer space bag. But also will not employ a large spatial pattern. The outermost pocket tends to be able to drop only one book. This is neither bulky nor convenient for you to pick up books without trouble. A reasonable storage compartment allows you to switch between daily commuting and fitness exercises and life travel. Laptop backpacks can hold your sneakers, umbrellas, and sports water cups, and you can always easily get what you want to carry and give them a proper location.

istockphoto-1293052650-612x612_副本 Both sides of the laptop backpack are usually left with water cup bags. Some use mesh bags with elastic closing. Some laptop backpacks tend to be business-oriented, using zipped, fitted pockets that can be used as document bags. It is very convenient to hold your customs certificate and your smartphone.

The polyester-blended laptop backpack looks like a layer of wax on the bag. A backpack of this material can withstand part of the rain because it does not quickly break the rain on the surface of the backpack. This kind of laptop backpack is ideal for you if you are a less willing person to maintain laptop backpack cleaning frequently or always enjoy going outdoors.

Keen on minimalist winds you can consider leather laptop backpacks. Because in most cases they are flat, you can only fit one laptop and your thin shirt. But it will also arrange lovely built-in pockets for your card and mouse home. The most striking thing is that the leather laptop backpack can be waterproof. And because of its abrasion resistance, it also has a longer life than normal laptop backpacks. Although the price is slightly more expensive, it is a good investment in the long run.

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