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Ensure you have a fresh lunch with a custom lunch bag

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        It's the beginning of school day,I believe that many working moms prepare their children's lunch every day. A practical lunch bag can make children feel at ease and happy when they eat at school. Of course, lunch bags are not only exclusive to children who go to school, some office workers also like to bring their own lunch to work, so that they can bring favorite food to the office. When you spend a busy morning, you can effortlessly enjoy your home-cooked meals - a functional lunch bag guarantees the taste of the food. So what should be considered when choosing a lunch bag? Please pay attention to and browse the product website of Wellpromotion, there are many styles of lunch bags to choose from. Wellpromotion has been researching and producing various functional bags for decades and provides comprehensive customization services. Whether you are a middleman who wholesales daily lunch bags for shopping malls, or a purchaser preparing for company promotional campaigns, Wellpromotion can help you design custom lunch bags that best suit your promotion and sales plans with a limited investment budget.

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        More versatile

        When choosing a lunch bag, thermal and insulated functions are the first considerations- to ensure that your food will not spoil and affect the taste. The lunch bag we produce is designed with composite aluminum film, which can play a better role in heat preservation and refrigeration. Its tight insulation performance maximizes food preservation, and can also maintain the temperature more effectively in summer, avoiding the intrusion of hot air, and keeping the iced drinks you put in your lunch bag cool for a considerable period of time. And our lunch bag is made of waterproof and leak-proof material. The high-density anti-seepage fabric ensures that even if you accidentally knock over the lunch box containing the soup, you don't have to worry about spilling it everywhere, avoiding a bad and embarrassing situation. The multi-layer design can also ensure that when you take the subway with your lunch bag, it can effectively prevent the food inside from being squeezed and deformed.

        More eco- friendly

        According to a recent survey, most people prefer to buy takeaway and fast food for lunch, which leads to nearly ten billion pieces of packaging waste every year. You don't have to waste another penny on disposable plastic bags. Reusable lunch bags instead of disposable takeaway boxes not only save money in the long run, but also reduce the amount of waste generated and the environmental burden. In addition, the disadvantage of ordering takeaway is that you cannot guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of the food, and meals made by yourself are healthier in comparison. Moreover, many people may not want to eat the food left over from the night before when they come home from get off work the next night, packing these foods for lunch at the company effectively avoids wasting food.

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        Wellpromotion provides custom functional bags that can be used in different scenarios, involving catering, sports, tourism fields. Customization services include size, material, color and brand exclusive logo, etc. We can provide fabric color cards for customers to choose colors. After over 20 years of development, we have so far included many qualification verifications from various authoritative institutions at home and abroad. Our customized lunch bags are favored by many international customers with excellent quality and design, and will continue to promote our excellent bags and services to the world.

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