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Everywhere belt bag for all situations

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         Once you mention the belt bag, everyone's mind will appear such a picture: it is the kind of wallet hanging on the waist and butt, and many vendors' bosses love to use it to collect money. Although this, if a little retro embellishment or fashion elements of decoration, welt bag soul has a fashionable tone. Born in the 8, 90s waist bag, now strutting into the fashion world, more than a supermodel, fashion gurus, bloggers, and Hollywood stars for the crazy. Compared to other styles of crossbody or handbag, the clean and simple design of the fanny bag has won the hearts of people. The oval shape with soft and delicate leather does not look bulky at the waist, but also adds flair to the overall ensemble. Each color also has its own merits: the dark brown-orange is unique without being overly flashy, while the black can easily handle any style of outfit. Notably, it can be worn both diagonally and casually around the waist. Needless to say, the presence of fanny bags everywhere frees people from heavy luggage. This "hands-free" design doesn't let the odds and ends take up your hands, so you can focus on more important things.

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         Daily Fitness

         If you experience losing your wallet or belongings during your trip or vacation, wearing a belt bag as a safe place for your things is a smart choice. Although it is small, also durable. Taking a long or short workout with a fanny bag, you can enjoy a sports break for more. Don’t worry the bag has not had enough cause it has an adjustable tightening strap. Sports style belt bags are often a simple style, light body, while practical and wearable. Volume relative to other compact route waist bags is still a bit large, but it can be comparable to the capacity of handbags and crossbody bags, so if you do not need to go out with too many things, as long as hanging in the waist this a waist bag is enough. When you climb to the top of the mountain at the same time, you can easily take out from it bottled water, wet wipes, replenish the energy of the chocolate bar or compressed cookies, and used it to shoot spectacular cell phones and so on enough.

          Each trip or go out

          Sometimes a trolley-style suitcase with a fanny bag around your waist is the best combination. And by the way, it is safer to keep important things on your chest. A waterproof fanny bag is more suitable for business travelers, which contains a wallet and sunglasses that will not delay you in the rainstorm - do not worry about being soaked in rain. Such as just returning from a business trip, you do not have to open the huge suitcase to find the keys to your home. In the waist bag to put some small daily supplies that can be used on the road, such as frequent use of masks and lipstick, is simply a gospel for people in a hurry.

          Everywhere belt bag is also called a waist bag, fanny bag, bum bag, etc. In many bags, the waist bag is not the most popular style, but it breaks the inherent pattern of the bag, freeing the user's hands and shoulders so that the street becomes more relaxed. It can also add flair to the overall outfit, making the look chic. So if you are tired of the ordinary bag, you can change a waist bag that can free your nature and go out freely.

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        Wellpromotion offers all sorts of bags and luggage including belt bags. Our factory has been working on making customized bags for several years. We look forward to having a long and stable relationship with all people who come from the whole world.

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