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Explore more outdoor fun with the backpack cooler

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The backpack cooler is a must-have for parties, day trips to the beach, or family picnics and drives. Many people are keen to kick off the weekend with a fun picnic as the perfect way to relax. Whether you choose to have a party close to home, a day trip to the beach, or drive a little further away to enjoy the wonders of nature on an overnight camping trip, you will need a suitable backpack cooler to add a touch of cool charm to your entertainment. This double-layered backpack made of special material is insulated, waterproof, and leak-proof. It can be used as a beer cooler (to keep food cold and fresh) or as a lunch box. Imagine a warm campfire under a blue sky with the sound of your mates singing. The tasty barbecue is roaring and the aroma is bubbling in the crowd. A backpack cooler is a perfect way to do this.

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The backpack cooler can be carried in the boot of the car or on your back - after all, sometimes people need to move their tent. The middle layer contains a thick PEVA foam or closed-cell foam insulation with a waterproof polyester lining and a leak-proof aluminum coating to ensure temperature retention. The inner layer has been specially treated to protect the backpack cooler from mold and mildew. It will keep your drinks or other perishable items cold for up to 12-36 hours. The Backpack cooler is so powerful, yet so light. It takes the burden off the outdoor hiker and makes it more comfortable to receive energy supplies.

A variety of wide zippered openings help users to easily access their drinks. Especially small items such as bottle openers, straws, or cutlery can be stored in the backpack cooler's extra storage compartment. Dry goods such as fruit, biscuits, and bread can be stored in the backpack cooler's refrigerated compartment, which is surrounded by a sturdy, waterproof frame to prevent food from being crushed and spoiled. The side pockets with zips or drawstrings are a clever place to store small items such as mobile phones, napkins, and rags.

The backpack cooler is popular with outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds thanks to its excellent insulation capacity. It is also the perfect carry-on cooler for day trips to the beach, ball games, or tailgating trips. It's also worth noting that it stays suspended in water without sinking. If you plan to be on the move all day, the backpack cooler won't add too much to your load. Leave your hands free so you can do more on your travels. A group trip for company members or a mass outing for city workers is a great way to carry the backpack cooler as a mini removable 'fridge' for groups or individuals. It is also possible to have your company logo printed on the backpack, which is a way to increase your company's visibility and promote your team's culture.

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