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From luxury luggage to special luggage & bag customization

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        For some travelers, luggage is a must at the airport. Luxury luggage from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Streamline adds color to the first-class lounge and is usually first placed on the luggage strips. But most ordinary people are still keen to bring easy bags to travel. The expensive luxury luggage seems to be only suitable for addition to favorites, with custom lever boxes paired with travel bags being the most practical combination. From luxury luggage to custom luggage bags, you can see that luggage bags have a lot of extra functional value as a must-have item for travel.

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        As custom features and add-ons

        Duffel bags are useful not only when used alone, but also when attached to a lever case as an additional capacity. If your luxury luggage case has a hard texture and no room for expansion, then adding a matching bag is a good way. Depending on the function used, you can use luxury luggage as an expansion component as a special makeup bag, wash bag, or clothing bag. Adding foldable bags will definitely add amazing capacity and reliable organizational space to you. And since the bag can be removed from luxury luggage at any time, you can also carry it in hand or on a ramp. Putting frequently used items in your luggage bag saves time searching in huge suitcases. And the versatile haute couture bag also sets up a tiered detachable bottom bunker to separate clothes or dirty shoes.

        If you don't want to spend money on luxury luggage, it looks like you should pay a reasonable price to customize your bag. Wellpromotion's travel duffel bag and sports trolley bag as well as business duffel bags meet the storage requirements under all scenes. Our custom products always offer reliable durability and ease of operation without sacrificing style. Waterproof, lightweight, and non-polluting to the environment. You can easily lift trolley bags with rollers over your head, even if they fall off the safety belt, leaving scratches. We are a custom-made family of bags for nearly two decades, dedicated not only to the production of durable travel bags with advanced craftsmanship but also to custom-made bags for travel accessories for brands and shopping malls.

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        Our luggage bags range from 5 liters to 100 liters in a wide variety of colors and can be made of tarpaulin, nylon, canvas, and polyester. Our waterproof backpacks, handbags, insulation packs, etc. can also be customized. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of bags, we supply demand providers from around the world, such as shopping malls, travel agencies, restaurants, and supermarket chains. We offer custom wrap bands with different features. These features include but are not limited to, custom patterns, custom logos, velcro, elastic ropes, double-headed zippers, and removable shoulder straps. We also meet customers' own OEM designs. We offer different logos and environmentally friendly materials to meet our customers' needs. If you need it, please contact our professional team at any time.

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