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        With the popularization of automobiles and the improvement of environmental protection awareness, many car owners tend to choose to equip a car trash can in their cars. Car trash cans are essential equipment for current car owners to travel, so as to ensure that passengers in the car do not litter when eating or throwing away sundries. It is dangerous and immoral to throw garbage out of the window when the vehicle is driving. If the road is bumpy and not easy to drive, it is even more dangerous if the garbage rolls under the driver's seat and get stuck on the accelerator or brake pedal. So the use of car trash cans can effectively protect the environment inside the car and on the road. Wellpromotion is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier engaged in custom production and wholesale sales of various types of functional bags including car trash cans. We have been deeply involved in international trade for more than 20 years. With our excellent production technology and dedicated team, the sales scale is constantly rising, and the independent research and development has achieved remarkable results. At present, our products can meet the needs of the international market and have been exported to more than 100 countries. Whether you are a gift company or a foreign trade company, as long as you have wholesale customization needs for car trash cans or other types of bags, we deserve your trust and choice to cooperate.

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        Easy to install

        At present, many drivers will choose to install a car trash can in the car. Experienced drivers all know that there are still many potential safety hazards in the method of shelving or temporarily storing garbage at will. For example, when the vehicle is turning a corner or braking suddenly, those inconspicuous garbage may distract the driver's attention. Installing a car trash can ensures driving safety. The car trash cans we offer are versatile and come in many styles. The car trash can can be fixed behind the seat or placed directly on the car cushion, which will not take up too much space in the car and will not affect the ride of the driver and passengers. The strap used to fix the car trash can is retractable to better flexibly match the width of your seat and has good stability, ensuring that the car trash can will not tip over and shift when the vehicle is in normal driving and use. It is also very convenient to disassemble, which can not only make the environment inside the car more tidy, but also ensure the safety of the driving journey. We also have a collapsible design- the biggest advantage of this type of trash can is that it can be put away when not in use and does not take up space in the car.

        Good usage effect

        The car trash can has a simple structure and good use effect, and can fully maintain the cleanliness and sanitation in the car. We can customize car trash cans of different sizes, colors and materials according to the diverse needs of customers, and different styles to match your car interior configuration style, which can be regarded as a kind of interior decoration for your car. We insist on using environmentally friendly and harmless materials to help you practice green travel. The waterproof fabric can also prevent the garbage soup from seeping into the car, and keep the environment inside the car clean at all times. We also support various types of customized brand logos to invisibly promote your brand to passengers during every driving process.

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        Wellpromotion has always adhered to the business philosophy of honesty and trustworthiness for decades, and strives to create the most satisfactory quality bags for customers at preferential factory prices and achieve timely delivery. Our responsible pre-sales and after-sales service ensure your comfort throughout the purchase process! Click to inquire more about the customization information of car trash cans!

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