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Give your yoga mat a home of its own

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        Yoga mat bags have also become a widely demanded fitness item due to the rise of yoga. Whether it's a home workout or a trip to the studio with a professional yoga teacher, fitness enthusiasts need a soft, skin-friendly mat as a cushioned area to stretch out on. This shape combines the structure of a duffel bag with the ease of a tote bag and is spacious enough to fit most mat sizes. The Yoga mat bag also comes with two external straps for attaching the mat to the bottom of the bag. This also means you can choose to carry it or sling it over your shoulder. Finally, gym equipment can get very rough, so you need a machine washable or easy-to-wipe clean yoga mat bag to protect your mat from wear and tear and extend the life of your yoga mat bag.

yoga mat

        Avoiding contamination

        A yoga mat does have its place as a cushioned mat. However, it is flexible and bulky to store. If you don't want to leave your mat alone in the classroom after a yoga class and risk someone stepping on it or kicking it away, it's best to put it in your yoga mat bag. A good yoga mat bag is durable, breathable, and easy to clean. Look for a yoga mat bag made from a strong, weather-resistant material that can withstand wear and tear, and take care to choose a yoga mat bag that breathes well - proper ventilation helps prevent odors and bacteria from growing.

yoga mat

        Easy to carry

        In appearance it seems a bit like a bucket bag - after all, a yoga mat is rolled up in a cylindrical shape. The difference is that the yoga mat bag also has a wide circular opening but can be folded into a smaller section. Made of soft canvas and nylon, the yoga mat bag takes up very little space in the home or in the boot of the car when fully folded. On the other hand, some yoga mat bags have many more small pockets than the usual bucket bag. These pockets are handy for storing accessories related to yoga classes, such as small towels and headbands. If you are only doing short aerobic classes at the gym, such as dance, aerobics, yoga classes, etc., the yoga mat bag can even replace your sports duffel bag. After all, the yoga mat bag can still fit a bottle of water and a gym card.

        More space

        Unlike a drawstring mat bag, the open-ended yoga mat bag seems to be easier to store your gym essentials in. This design allows you to reach for your bottle of mineral water or gym access card on the bag at any time on your way to the yoga studio. Be aware, however, that this open design does not guarantee the security of your belongings. The yoga mat bag with exposed mats at both ends looks much simpler and more convenient. Depending on how it opens, the yoga mat bag is available as a zip and snap bag or as an elasticated drawstring bag. With different patterns and wide and narrow straps, these bags are perfect for the 'outfit of the day. The yoga mat bag with its relatively wide straps distributes the weight evenly and is, therefore, more comfortable.

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