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How to find the best makeup storage for your business

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        With the rise of various beauty industries, cosmetics with different functions emerge in an endless stream. Exquisite and fashionable men and women maintain their makeup from various types of makeup-basic base makeup products such as liquid foundation, air cushion, and pressed powder to small products such as eyeliner and mascara. How to carry these things in an orderly manner when traveling, this problem breeds the demand for makeup storage in the market. Nowadays, the makeup storage market is extremely competitive. Wellpromotion has specialized in providing customizable lifestyle bags for brand companies and shopping malls for decades, and our main categories include makeup storage. Whether you are a middleman who wholesales makeup storage for shopping malls or a wholesaler choosing the right promotional makeup storage for your company, feel free to browse through our wide selection website of makeup storage. A full range of customized design can help you produce the most unique multi-functional fashion makeup storage, we have our own production base, with research and development, production and sales. Professional design team and rich manufacturing experience are worthy of your trust and investment.

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        Orderly Storage

        The role of the makeup storage is to help you store all the cosmetics in an orderly manner. Every time you go home or travel on holidays, do you spend a lot of time packing up the necessary cosmetics? Just imagine, if you stuff all your cosmetics into a bag or backpack, for those glass bottle containers such as perfume, or those with poor sealing such as push-type cleansing oil, if you accidentally bump or squeeze them due to breaks or spills, all the cosmetics in the bag will be left in a mess. Having a makeup storage can effectively prevent this bad situation from happening. The pockets with multiple compartments are convenient for you to store different kinds of cosmetics, and the bottom is equipped with detachable grooves to help you fix the products, effectively avoiding shaking when moving and thus avoiding damage to fragile cosmetics. The cover that can be completely turned over can ensure that when you open the makeup storage, the entire internal space is fully displayed, and you don't need to work hard to turn it over. Considering the maximum use of internal space, the lid is also equipped with multiple divided slots- this design is very suitable for storing eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and various makeup brush products. These slender products can be stored in an orderly manner, and you don't have to rummage through a lot of things when you use them.

        Recycled material

        In order to meet the different customization needs of customers, our customized makeup storage is made of a variety of materials- nylon, cotton, pvc and pu leather. Durable and reusable fabrics meet most consumer expectations. We also introduced recyclable RPET materials- environmentally friendly materials not only allow consumers to use them with confidence, but also avoid damage to the environment, ensuring daily green travel.

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        Wellpromotion provides wholesale customization of various lifestyle bags, including travel, sports, catering and other fields. The customized makeup storage come in various styles and are suitable for a wide range of scenarios. Professional R&D team and mature technology enable us to include multiple certifications (such as ISO9001, SEDEX, BSCI, BRC, FSC, etc.). If there are any needs for makeup storage, welcome to wholesale and customize at the best price from Wellpromotion, our advanced order processing ensures that the goods are delivered to you on time and in good condition. Feel free to consult and get your branded bags!

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