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Investment in bags made of RPET paves the way for green business

Views: 617     Author: Michelle Royle     Publish Time: 2023-01-25      Origin: Wellpromotion R-PET

        Recycled PET fabric is a new environmentally friendly recycled fabric that extracts thread from waste mineral water bottles and Coke bottles, and is also known as the eco-friendly fabric for Coke bottles. Because this product is a reused product of waste, it satisfies the reuse of resources and reduces the harm to the environment, so it has received a great response overseas, especially in developed countries in Europe and America. Our company has been developing and advancing on the top of environmentally friendly bags for decades, striving to provide sustainable and customer-friendly functional bags for users, shopping malls, foreign trade companies, etc.


        As many people know, ordinary polyester fabrics are generally made from petroleum, which is very unfriendly to the environment. Furthermore, RPET fabric also has a good heat resistance and thermal stability, so it is known as "the crown of chemical fibers" for its excellent performance. It is used in the garment, home textile, decoration, and industrial industries. In comparison, this environmentally friendly polyester has the advantages of ordinary polyester, and further in the environmental protection, more suitable for the majority of customers, but also the future trend of the development of non-woven fabrics. If you are looking forward to capturing hearts and minds in the bag market and achieving more brilliant trading cooperation, then bulk customization of our bags made of RPET will make your business expand more smoothly.

        Whether it is a bag made of PET or a bag made of polyester, oxford cloth, nylon, etc., we are certified by professional organizations at the international level. Not only do we have independent source manufacturers and sample rooms, but our production lines are fully compliant with safety certifications. In short, the various products produced by our company can pass several standard checks. Several indicators meet the latest European environmental protection standards and the latest American environmental protection standards. In addition, we have a quality control team to control the quality of our products, and we strive to maintain a first-class high level of manufacturing and service before, during, and after the production process. Regarding backpacks, fanny packs, duffel bags, and other kinds of travel bags and aprons made from recycled Coke bottles with yarn weaving, we provide relevant certificates and labels to prove that the fabric is an environmentally friendly recycled product. Let your customers and users be completely assured and resolute to maintain their legal rights as well as their health.

        This new eco-friendly fabric not only comes from a very low-carbon source, but the post-processing method also creates simple and easy access to the recycled field. We support production processes such as printing, laminating, and sewing. If you want to customize unique labels for your corporate brand, don't miss our logo customization service.

        Widely selectable. RPET fabric, also known as Lixin fabric, is water-proof, stain-proof, oil-proof, etc. It can be printed and embossed UV-proof flame retardant, and with other advantages, it has become a popular supply material for all major industries in the market. Therefore, RPET material can be widely used on bags and luggage products. RPET material can be used to make computer bags, ice bags, satchels, backpacks, makeup bags, pen bags, camera backpacks, shopping bags, tote bags, gift bags, drawstring bags, etc. We are responsible for most of these bags and have established a mature production, design, and sales system, so please feel free to order from us. In addition, the environmental protection bags made of RPET have the advantages of good tensile strength and strong load-bearing capacity, which are highly sought after by major European and American countries and are much hotter than the environmental protection bags made of various other environmental protection materials. This also means that it will be listed in your list of hot products, and it will bring you unexpected profits. In addition, RPET material can also be used in bed four-piece sets, sofa covers, aprons, wiping cloths, etc.; even in tents, sleeping bags, car storage bags, and other products are also used. These common household items are not only used as the main goods in various shopping malls and stores but also promoted by foreign trade companies such as gift companies and cosmetic companies, as well as by major environmental organizations and their institutions.

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