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Keep food fresh in a soft cooler bag

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        The soft cooler bag has a constant temperature effect, good heat preservation and refrigeration performance, and is used to hold various foods or drinks and can effectively maintain their temperature and freshness. Soft cooler bag is very suitable for outdoor picnics or daily travel. Considering the diversification of demand for soft cooler bags in the market today, how to quickly find professional and reliable thermal soft cooler bag suppliers with excellent craftsmanship is a problem that the purchasers of various companies and super mall wholesalers need to take seriously. Wellpromotion is an international powerful manufacturer with decades of experience in providing customized bags to global market. Our customized bags can meet the needs of customers all over the world, and currently export to hundreds of countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, and Switzerland.

Soft cooler bag

        Insulated and thermal function

        Excellent Insulated and thermal performance are the basic functions that the soft cooler bag should have. The role of warm in winter and cool in summer makes the soft cooler bag suitable for a wide range of seasons. Imagine that in the hot summer, you can have a bottle of cold drink immediately after preparing for all camping activities. At this time, the insulation bag can be used as a mobile refrigerator for iced drinks and fruits; or in cold weather, you can take out warm sandwiches or bento boxes from the soft cooler bag at any time, and the food inside can be kept fresh for a long time without affecting the taste. The material of Oxford+EPE Foam+PEVA not only ensures the toughness and wear resistance of the soft cooler bag, but also can effectively prevent the food in the bag from being squeezed and deformed even if it is accidentally squeezed when taking the bus or subway, and the body of the bag is not easy to leave scratches; and ensure a high degree of airtightness, which can play a better role in refrigeration and heat preservation.

        Reusable for wide application

        A good-looking and delicious meal can greatly improve your happiness and make every time you open your bento box a surprise. Our reusable soft cooler bag has a portable, lightweight and stylish design, keeps food warm and fresh for a long time. It can be folded when not in use, which does not take up too much space and is convenient to use. The soft cooler bag can help you enjoy fresh food at any time, while ensuring hygiene and health. Food-grade environmentally friendly materials with non-toxic and tasteless, the bag can be directly in contact with food, and can also be used for refrigerated storage of medicines, vaccines and other products, suitable for family camping and various outdoor entertainment activities.

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        Wellpromotion focuses on providing premium customized bags for global customers. With perfect production technology and superb technical support, we always stand on the customer's point of view to make customized soft cooler bags more multi-functional and match your brand's individuality. Our professional quality inspection team can ensure that high-quality products are delivered to your hands, helping to enhance the good market reputation of our customers. If you have any intentions in the customization and wholesale of soft cooler bags, look forward to your further communication!

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