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Let business boom and party pleasure with soft cooler bag

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        Travel companies and large shopping malls always have a soft cooler bag for their resident guests. this seemingly simple and cute handbag is actually full of practicality with a perfect combination of design and function. This portable small cooling device is similar in appearance to an ordinary handbag, but has a refrigeration function, mainly used in cars or family outings for the storage of wine or other products that need refrigeration, such as carrying cold soda, cold beer, etc. Of course, if you want to use it at work to keep your milk tea iced, you can also use it. Takeout delivery services such as milk tea stores and restaurants can also be customized with special insulated boxes or cooler bags, which can guarantee the quality of food to a certain extent. It is good for improving the business volume and increasing business profits.

soft cooler

        1. Choose the better airtight

        There are several ways to increase the functional efficiency of the cooler bag. Use YKK seamless metal zipper and multi-layer thicker lining to effectively isolate the outside temperature. High-quality thick type to maintain the temperature and protect the cans in the bag. Double-layer PEVA lining is a fabric loved by excellent manufacturers and customers. The outer layer is paired with a soft, lightweight, high-density polyester fiber as a protective film that increases both insulation time and water resistance. Insulation of thick foam hidden in the removable liner, even large-capacity refrigeration bags can effectively retain the temperature for a long time.

        2. The material of the carrying handle should be durable

        Easy to carry is a feature and advantage of the cooler bags. But for the need for a sturdy handle, choose Oxford cloth or strong twine as the handle is the ideal material. Customized soft cooler bags can be fitted with adjustable-length shoulder straps that can be slung across the body, making it easier to carry and use the cooler bag in one more way. Comfortable shoulder straps are also a plus.

        3. Set aside suitable space

        The main storage compartment should have the volume to store a double lunch box. Both sides with a depth of enough double-side bottle pockets can fully accommodate your cans or bottles of beverages. In addition to these most basic features, there can be spacious openings and impressive collapsible accessory spaces. Through the top opening for quick opening to access the contents.

        The cooler bag has impressed since its inception. It provides first-class insulation. The custom cooler bag can keep raw food at the right low temperature for up to three days. Best of all, there are different sizes to choose from. Choosing a soft cooler bag that can hold up to 48 impressive cans can make your party more lasting and interesting. With the right cooler bag you can protect your food and drinks during a long camping weekend by calling it the strongest contender on the table. Although some cooler bags are bulky, they are more portable than we expected and can easily be carried by two people using the end handles. Even after years of normal use, its durable construction proves itself to be worth the investment and looks almost the same as the day you first bought it. So, try customizing the cooler bag.

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