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Satisfy your more needs with the best leakproof backpack cooler

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        As a global cross-border e-commerce enterprise and import and export trade bag manufacturer and supplier integrating product development, production and sales, we Wellpromotion have rich experience and outstanding achievements in the manufacture of best leakproof backpack cooler. Through extensive research and understanding of the market and careful attention to customer feedback, we timely follow the development trend of the times and effectively meet the market demand, and launched this large-capacity, multi-functional leak-proof backpack cooler. Not only is it suitable for general public consumption, this backpack is also designed to take into account the needs of the mother and baby population, making it the best choice for working moms.

        1.Versatile storage space and adjustable straps

        The material of this backpack is mainly polyester, made with highly refined craftsmanship. The middle layer contains thick PEVA foam or insulating material, as well as a waterproof lining and a leak-proof compartment, which optimizes its insulation and refrigeration performance to the maximum extent. Taking into account the needs of working moms, the best leakproof backpack cooler has a simple and elegant design with a focus on durability and practical performance. The widened and thickened straps of the backpack are designed to reduce friction and pressure on the shoulders, just imagine, a mother is holding a baby and needs to carry some maternal and baby supplies, then this backpack will come in handy at this time.In addition, the stretchable strap design allows you to adjust its length according to your body's comfort and labor-saving needs, providing you with the best service for comfortable use.best leakproof backpack coolers

        2. Waterproof bottom and tiered design

        The wide zipper opening is designed to help you quickly access the items you need, and the leakproof backpack cooler's overall saving space (10.2x7.5x13.3 inches) is large enough for customers to put down the supplies they need on a daily basis. Of course, if you have more needs about the size of the best leakproof backpack cooler, you can also contact us for customization information. The tiered design is conducive to optimizing the use of space, for example, for working moms, the top layer can store some breast pumps, including spectra breast pumps. The bottom layer can store and transport up to six breast milk storage bottles from any brand with a large enough ice pack. Meanwhile, the leak-proof design at the bottom makes you don't have to worry about putting down the backpack at will. This means that when you're out and and take something out of the backpack, you can put the backpack at your feet and wait until you're done using it.

        3.Safe pocket and USB charging port

        There is a safety zipper pocket on the back of the best leakproof backpack cooler. Working moms can store mobile phone, earphones and other items here during use. Not only is the safety performance good, the items are not easy to lose, and the separate pocket compartment design also makes it more convenient to pick up and place items. This backpack also has an ingenious design, on the side of the backpack we also add USB charging port and cable, so that you can use &charge your mobile phone conveniently.

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        We Wellpromotion have been committed to professional best leakproof backpack coolers customization. With years of rich research and development experience, reliable quality and advantages in strong R&D, production, marketing, brand, scale and team, we have won praise from many wholesaler customers. If you are also looking for an excellent and mature bag customization team, please feel free to contact us. We will design the most creative and high-quality products according to your needs and budget to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, looking forward to communicating and cooperating with you!

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