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Select appropriate lunch coolers for work to benefit your daily life

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        Choosing to bring your own meals to work is not only more economical than ordering takeaway, but also more environmentally friendly and healthy, so it is necessary to have a suitable lunch cooler for work. WellPromotion lunch cooler, with its fine craftsmanship and stylish design, is an ideal choice for your daily use. We have rich experience in providing customers with customized OEM/ODM bags, please rest assured that we have an independent factory warehouse and sample display room, which are convenient for customers to propose product revisions and test the quality of finished products in a timely manner. With mature production technology, perfect production system and professional quality inspection team, we strive to create the most satisfactory practical and fashionable products for you.

        1.Fashion design for daily use

        The style of this lunch cooler is mini and fresh. The rounded curve edge design makes the overall lines of the bag soft and very versatile for daily use. Although the overall appearance of the lunch cooler for work is small, but the internal space without excess trim and waste, enough to put your daily needs. We also offer a size customization service, so if you need a larger or more compact style, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

lunch coolers for work

        2.Versatile with enough storage space

        You can pack your meals and put some drinks and fruits in it before you go to work every day. Don't worry about food spoilage, because the storage space is both refrigerated and insulated. Whether you can get a hot drink from it quickly when you're cold or take out food that still tastes good in hot weather, this lunch cooler for work can meet both needs. The green color looks vibrant but not overly flashy, and is suitable for all ages and genders. In addition, you can also customize different colors to meet different consumer needs.

        3.Convenient to carry

        The double zipper design makes it very smooth to pull and easy to take and put food. The metal material makes the zipper look very textured and not easy to damage. The lunch cooler for work can be carried in two ways- the top design with a strap, you can directly hand-carried. Please rest assured that the design of the lifting strap takes labor saving into account, increases contact area with the hand to reduce pressure and friction, only to better care for your soft palm. Of course, if you want to free your hands, such as in cold weather you do not want to show your fingers that you can also choose to use the side strap hanging on the shoulder, as a shoulder bag to use.

        4.Waterproof and organized interior space

        The side straps can be retracted, you can adjust the length according to the comfort of the shoulder and the specific situation. Below the strap is a mesh pocket, one on each side, which can be used to put some trivial things, such as tissues and cutlery and so on, making full use of the space.The waterproof function allows you to use it in rainy days with confidence. Even if the lunch cooler for work is accidentally exposed to some rain, you don't have to worry about the contents inside being soaked. It also means that if you want to use the bag outdoors, you can simply lay it out on the ground without without having to carefully choose a dry spot to put it.

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        We WellPromotion have long been committed to providing a wide range of bag production, including lunch coolers for work, and have rich production experience in this area. The product supply system is very perfect and mature, which can fully meet the diverse needs of the international market. We also provide professional logo customization, if you have any cooperation intention, please feel free to contact us for more information!

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