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        Exquisite small backpacks are loved by young people. Whether in the bustling streets, the playground of the campus or various entertainment places, some girls are often seen carrying miniature backpacks. Compared with conventional backpacks, small backpacks are cuter and more aesthetically catering to the needs of consumers. When traveling daily, you don’t need to carry too many things. At this time, if you choose to carry your regular schoolbag, it will be a bit overkill. The small backpack has a simple design and is suitable for various leisure and campus entertainment activities. It not only has the hands-free features of a backpack, but also has a full sense of fashion, which can be regarded as a highly decorative item. Wellpromotion has a variety of small backpacks for you to choose from. We have been focusing on the design of backpacks, cooler bags, travel bags, cosmetic bags and other lifestyle bags for more than 20 years. We supply wholesale bags for schools, shopping malls and corporate events. So far, we have developed good business cooperation with thousands of companies from all over the world. Looking for products for your company's business activities? Browse through our online product site with a wide selection and get your ideal bags.

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        Design options

        The advantage of the small backpack is its exquisite shape, which is enough to hold the necessary items. The small backpack is small and compact as a whole, in addition to the main storage space, it is also designed with side pockets and front zipper pockets, which make reasonable use of the limited space to store your various personal items. Put your cups and umbrella in the side pockets for easy access; the zipper pocket has good security and can hold mobile phones, earphones and other electronic items. but too small is too impractical, thus Wellpromotion can adjust the size of the small backpack according to the different preferences and needs of customers, trying to create a product that combines beauty and practicality. As a source manufacturer of customized bags with independent production development and sales systems, we pay more attention to the selection of materials. After years of development, we have formed close relationships with many regular and reliable material suppliers. Our products are all made of green materials that are harmless to the human body and non-polluting to the environment. Common materials include nylon, canvas, oxford , polyester, etc. Good wear resistance fabric can meet the needs of most people when they go out. The minimalist shape of the small backpack- customize different colors, suitable for consumers of all genders, and can be use for travel, daily appointments, campuses and other scenarios.

        Show your brand

        Small backpacks are so popular in the market, we can customize exclusive brand logos on them according to customers' ideas. It is undoubtedly a conspicuous billboard when a user appears in public with a small backpack printed with the brand logo. It can not only deepen consumers' impression of your brand during use, but also attract customers to understand your brand invisibly to a certain extent- they may search for the brand logo to learn more about your company's products and buy them according to their needs.

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        Wellpromotion is a global cross-border e-commerce and import and export trade enterprise with decades of rich experience in bag customization and wholesale sales. We have a production base covering an area of over 30,000 square meters to provide quality inspection before delivery. With fast and comprehensive custom design, we focus on producing high-quality bags at reasonable prices and achieving fast delivery. If you are interested in our small backpacks, look forward to your consultation and further communication!

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