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Show Vigor and Ability & Strive to be the First in March!

Views: 666     Author: Elijah Brook     Publish Time: 2024-03-01      Origin: WellPromotion Launching Ceremony of the 14th Chengxin Camp Procurement Festival

Show Vigor and Ability & Strive to be the First in March! On February 29, 2024, the launching ceremony of the 14th Procurement Festival hosted by Anhui Qihang Cross-Border E-Commerce Chamber of Commerce officially kicked off at the Fumao Hotel in Hefei, Anhui. Anhui WellPromotion Import and Export Co., Ltd. actively cooperates and participates in this ceremony. This is a 45-day competition based on performance of overall team. Eight teams are composed of business elites from five companies of the Qihang Chamber of Commerce, with performance sales as the main PK goal. The purpose of this launching ceremony is to allow everyone to understand the direction of their own efforts and the company's development goals during the competition, and to jointly promote performance goals to reach new highs.

Launching Ceremony of the 14th Chengxin Camp Procurement Festival

Before the ceremony began, in order to quickly familiarize the members of the eight teams, a series of outreach activities were specially organized. After the activities, the launching ceremony officially began. First of all, the eight teams took the stage to show their team style. The captain of each team led the team members to take a solemn oath and read out the performance goals aloud, promising to work hard to achieve their goals. then the leaders of the chamber of commerce led everyone to make a fairness commitment.

Launching Ceremony of the 14th Chengxin Camp Procurement Festival

Next, the host introduced the PK items and scoring rules of the Procurement Festival to everyone. In order to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, the Chamber of Commerce formulated a series of reward plans for this event, giving awards and red envelopes to encourage the top three teams and individuals with outstanding performance.

Launching Ceremony of the 14th Chengxin Camp Procurement Festival

Finally, Mr. Pan, the chairman of Anhui Qihang Cross-Border Chamber of Commerce, who is also the CEO of WellPromotion, summarized the meeting and encouraged all participants to compete with a positive attitude and make all-out effort. The launch ceremony of the 14th Chengxin Camp Procurement Festival of Anhui Qihang Cross-border Chamber of Commerce ended successfully in a joyful atmosphere. We hope that all partners can learn from each other and make achievements in the competition, and look forward to the eight teams creating brilliance in the Procurement Festival!

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