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Stay cool with bulk picnic baskets in summer

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        In the hot summer, a cooler picnic basket is undoubtedly indispensable for recreational activities such as picnics and camping. Picnic baskets are mainly used for outdoor activities or daily life. In addition to being used to hold and carry all kinds of food during picnics, in daily life, they can also be used as environmentally friendly shopping baskets for shopping in supermarkets. WellPromotion offers a range of bulk picnic baskets - not just a basket with carrying function, but also has the effect of maintaining constant temperature.

bulk picnic baskets

        The function of picnic baskets

        As a professional cooler bag manufacturer in China, WellPromotion has a series of bulk picnic baskets in different shapes, sizes and functions. We fully consider the inconvenience of carrying food when going out, and try our best to meet the needs of consumers to create cooler picnic baskets with excellent thermal insulation and performance. The inside of the picnic basket is made of aluminum film, so it is waterproof and impermeable, and has a strong airtight seal, which can maintain the temperature for a considerable period of time. Start the perfect picnic with the collapsible cooler picnic basket equipped with reinforced zippers and soft-grip handle aluminum frame.

        Stylish picnic baskets

        Bulk picnic baskets with plenty of personalization options not only keep food fresh and warm, they also add style. WellPromotion picnic basket supplier has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. Whether it is in the R&D, design or production of customized picnic baskets in batches, the guidance of the expert team runs through the entire process. Our strong production capacity supports comprehensive customization services - design according to the needs of different customers for the capacity, color, material, etc. of bulk picnic baskets. All of our bulk picnic baskets are crafted from a range of high quality materials, customized material picnic baskets are not only strong and durable, but also stain resistant for outdoor use.

        Widely used picnic baskets

        Bulk picnic baskets of different sizes are small experts for going out and at home, suitable for various scenarios. Whether it is a date with your lover or a picnic with family and friends, outdoor barbecue, camping, weekend outing, wild fishing, or a company dinner with colleagues, the portable and environmentally friendly picnic basket can make your journey smoother and full of fun.

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        WellPromotion has been paying attention to the practical design of bulk picnic baskets for more than 20 years, and has always insisted on using non-toxic and harmless environmental protection materials to ensure that picnic baskets can directly contact with food. Our range of insulated and refrigerated picnic baskets is complete in style and can be customized to fit any requirements, print your company logo on the basket for branding. We also have a variety of promotional bags with superior quality and reasonable prices, dealers and enterprises are welcome to inquire and order.

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