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Stay organized with a make up bag

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        Make up bags are very important for fashionable boys and girls who need to maintain delicate makeup in their daily life. A suitable and practical make up bag can directly affect the integrity and delicacy of makeup. Especially for those who need to travel frequently at work or for daily entertainment, carrying a make up bag with daily makeup essentials can help you touch up makeup in time- allowing you to maintain a complete makeup all day long and look more energetic. There is no doubt that there is a huge demand for make up bags in the market, but considering the diverse needs of consumers for make up bag functions, styles, etc., how to choose a make up bag with strong competitiveness in the market is a matter of countless wholesalers and purchasers need to be carefully selected. WellPromotion, as a wholesale custom supplier and manufacturer of various functional bags from China with more than 20 years of experience, can provide you with a variety of make up bag to choose from. Our make up bags vary in function, style, material, and structure, and are suitable for different life scenarios.

Make up bag

        Huge selection

        We provide many types of make up bags, not only in different shapes and styles, but also focusing on the multi-functionality of make up bags. In addition to the basic function of storing cosmetics, make up bags can be roughly divided into simple portable mini make up bags, fashionable foldable make up bags suitable for travel and outing entertainment activities, and multifunctional professional make up bags. The mini make up bag is more suitable for daily travel or dating. The compact design is enough to accommodate your basic makeup products and lipsticks. It can be tucked into a tote bag for easy makeup touch-ups at any time- such as reapply lipstick after eating. The design of the travel make up bags is relatively more multi-functional and humanized. Multiple layered pockets can store your cosmetics by category, helping you not to find a certain type of cosmetics when you are in a hurry, and also arrange your makeup tools in an orderly manner. With foldable hook design, you can hang it on the doorknob or towel bar when you use it in the hotel, it will not occupy the flat space of the sink, and can be folded and placed in a travel bag or luggage when not use. We also launched a professional portable single-shoulder carrying customized oversized cosmetic storage box- not only the bag has a large capacity with a detachable partition, the side pockets and the lid are designed with mesh pockets and various grooves, which can be used to hold makeup brushes of various sizes, perfect for professional makeup artists.

        Portable and reusable

        The materials of the make up bag include nylon, cotton, pvc and pu leather, which are enough to meet the needs of most consumers in the market for the lightness and durability of the make up bags- after all, the light material will not cause the burden of carrying, and the wear-resistant cloth can avoid most of accidental scratches and ensure the reusability of the bag.

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        WellPromotion offers a variety of customization services: color, material, style, logo, etc. Whether you are a shopping mall purchaser looking for a suitable promotional make up bags, or a brand bag company looking for a reliable supplier, WellPromotion is your trusted and chosen partner. We always offer quality custom make up bags at the best wholesale prices. Please feel free to browse our product website, if you have any intention, please request detailed product catalogue via our real-time online service throughout the day.

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