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Super practical duffel bag for sports, travel and business trip

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        Whether you go to the gym, go out and take part in your favorite sport, or set off for a night or longer, the lightweight duffel bag provides the storage and convenience you need so you can put your items where you need them. Buying a cheap duffel bag doesn't mean you have to sacrifice what you want. We offer a wide range of wholesale duffel bags with a variety of features and options for any purpose.

Duffle bag

        1. Waterproof

        The slightly larger duffel bag is generally used outdoors, and good waterproofing features are important. A high-density polyester with a waterproof coating to keep water beads from accumulating on the surface of the package to avoid wetting. It is also because duffel bag often needs to be used outdoors, with special treatment for their processing and selection. We offer custom high-density Tasilon material with strong wrinkle resistance that keeps it round and shiny after many folds. No matter how many trips you make, every time you open it is as new as first sight. You can also choose to seal a special film on the surface of the material to avoid rain or spill erosion. Once water is dried, a flick can return to dryness.

        2. Lightweight but versatile

        The quality of the package itself is almost negligible. The thin and light fabric makes the duffel bag just the weight of a few packs of cookies. Bring it without burdening your travel, but also with peace of mind. Pouch partition storage, different items can be classified, clearly categorized, and easy to find, mobile phones, certificates, headphones... fragmentary small things no longer afraid. The side of the package is also specially equipped with oversized side bags for umbrellas and thermos. The side of the package is also specially equipped with oversized side bags for umbrellas and thermos. If the road is tired, the shoulder strap fastening buckle can stabilize the tree bag well in the box, reducing the burden on both shoulders.

        3. Foldable

        The capacity of the duffel bag is surprisingly generous. It's easy to put three pairs of trousers (a mix of jeans and sweatshirts), two coats (a wool, a jacket), five shirts, two pairs of shoes, makeup bags and coffee cups in all the suitcases. The duffel bag is not only large in capacity but also collapsible. Open the duffel bag for up to ten times the capacity. With long shoulder straps, a duffel bag can also be personified as a shoulder bag, or a messenger bag, so you can easily pack the scenery home with your beloved. Folded suitcases can be easily packed into boxes or kept in wardrobes without much space. A duffel bag made of soft cloth folds up to the size of a normal handbag when it's not loaded, so you can't just plug it into the cracks of the trunk before you set off.

        4.Attaches nicely to your luggage suitcase

        In volume, the duffel bag has a strap of upper and lower openings on the back in addition to the pockets. This kind of strap helps the bag get stuck on the lever in the trunk, which is not only solid but adequate not only in volume but also in the design of the duffel bag. Now the popular option is a custom duffel bag and cipher box that's easy to use while also being stylish.

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