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Unnegligible car storage

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        Car storage is simply a must-have accessory for a car. Many people choose to travel by car or drive with a group to go camping around the city on weekends. Reasonably increasing the storage space inside the car can effectively increase the convenience of going out and improve the happiness of teamwork. Car storage has a lot of features that can't be ignored, and of course, that's why you buy it.

car storage


        In order to avoid contamination of belongings before transportation or arrival at the destination, most car storage uses waterproof fabrics. In order to prolong the freshness of food and maintain the temperature of stored food, some will add a layer of thermal insulation to the inner layer. Of course, if you choose car storage to store clothes and shoes, and other items that require a certain amount of air circulation, it is very suitable to choose mesh fabric as the material for the top layer. Because it can not only help users see what is stored inside at a glance but also has a certain degree of breathability.

        Quite sturdy

        The car storage will be supported by springs or hard objects around it. A taut surface is a great way to hold up a dedicated space for your stuff. A sturdy frame with sturdy fabric protects your belongings well. Worried about sharp springs puncturing your car seat? The corners of the car storage are designed with rounded arcs and have certain flexibility. You don't have to worry about it harming your car.


        The foldable performance is the most noteworthy feature of car storage. But when you don't need to use it, you can fold it along the crease. It can go from a box that perfectly holds a dozen clothes and children's toys into a thin layer of cloth with steel wires. The quality of the steel wire and waterproof fabric is not as heavy as you might think. It's lightweight and super durable. The double-layer car storage also has a zipper. The folded zipper also does not get off the track, and this two-way zipper makes it more convenient for you to use.

        Reasonable spatial distribution

        Compartments big and small don’t exist for no reason. You can also disassemble it from the car storage if you don't like it. Compartments of different sizes allow you to quickly see what's inside, and who doesn't like neat and organized storage? This also saves a lot of time for a family with children to find the toys he wants and the socks he needs to wear today. The carry handle will appear on the car storage. This way you can easily reach it with even one hand when you take it out of the car.

        Extra large amount of content

        It is enough to put down the items used by the whole family. The large car storage can even fit a few basketballs completely. If you want a just-right storage box for your car's trunk, there's an option for customization. Measure the distance from the car seat to the rear door of the car, preferably leaving a few centimeters of space. The car storage also comes with safety clips to help secure it. This removable buckle can effectively remove various unstable factors.

        A variety of colors and models can be selected arbitrarily

        Car storage can even be used in a travel trolley case. It fits neatly into your tote bag or weekender bag. Choose the right car storage that fits your storage box and makes your users more efficient. Small car storage can even replace PVC cosmetic bags. Large car storage houses several small car stores so you can better narrow down your search.

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