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What to consider about luggage sets

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        A luggage set is almost always a must-have, whether you're travelling, studying abroad or on a business trip. Even for the short or long term, and can give us a good amount of storage space, making travel much easier.

        In fact, we often say that most suitcase is now referred to as the trolley case, rarely see the kind of ancient suitcase, trolley case by the trolley, box and the wheel combination, the earliest trolley case invention is to solve the difficulties of the airport staff to run around.

       Many people tend to look only at the appearance and size when buying luggage sets and will ignore many other important factors that affect the good or bad of the trolley case, so here we look at what we should pay attention to when buying luggage sets.

luggage set

        1. Wheels

        High-quality luggage sets come with 2-4 full "silenced" wheels. These are also known as universal wheels. They are usually double or single row, the latter being more suitable for pulling on uneven trails. These wheels are made of rubber or TPE with metal inside for good load-bearing properties and are not easily affected by temperature. The wheel can be rotated 360 degrees in all directions so that the user can easily adjust its direction when using it. It remains relatively smooth even on rough roads. In large public places where there is a lot of traffic, such as railway stations and airports, the use of luggage sets with silent wheels can avoid disturbing others and reduce noise.

        2. Zippers

        Good zips make opening and closing your luggage sets much smoother every time. To increase the security of your belongings, most luggage sets use metal zips, while some use plastic zips to reduce weight.

        3. Combination locks

        With cross-country travel becoming easier and more popular, luggage sets with TSA customs locks are becoming the dominant model. Regular combination locks are also secure and convenient, provided you remember to take the key with you before you leave.

        4. Materials

        Luggage sets are mainly available in soft and hard luggage.

        The soft luggage set is mainly made of canvas or leather, which is lighter overall, and canvas and leather can be made in many different colours, which is also more fashionable, but such luggage set is not good at resisting pressure and water resistance, so if you want to buy it, it is recommended to buy a boarding case that can be carried around under 20 inches. The main materials of hard cases are PC, PC + ABS mixed, ABS and aluminium alloy mixed. PC and ABS we can simply understand as something like plastic. The disadvantage is that it is not as durable as metal, the surface is thin and easily bent, but it can be recovered after bending. The aluminium material is hard, good resistance to pressure, but the full aluminium alloy trolley case is too heavy, so now many styles of trolley case are in the edge of the corner to do the aluminium alloy reinforcement.

luggage sets

    5. Trolley bar

    Plain aluminium and aircraft aluminium alloys are both common materials used in luggage sets for the production of trolley bars. Obviously, the latter has a higher hardness and toughness, which also means a higher price. However, the former is generally a good choice for travel and storage, as long as it is not a large luggage set of more than 28". Anything that wobbles less than 1cm is generally within the quality range. A quality luggage set is not cheap and choosing the best luggage set for you is the best investment.

    6. Standard sizes

    It can be tricky to find out on a business trip that your luggage won't fit on the plane. Good luggage sets have a strict set of dimensions, including the variation in length, width and height that comes with storing your stuff. luggage sets should always meet international check-in requirements to avoid unnecessary hassles. For short trips or just a few days on business, 20" luggage sets are the way to go.

        7. Expanding layers

        Don't underestimate the importance of the expansion compartment of luggage sets. This folded compartment on the sides or at the front of the luggage sets does not show up when you have less stuff to fill - it doesn't take up much space at all. When you need to pack more than you planned, it acts as a secret base and instantly gives you more storage space in your luggage sets.

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        Buying luggage sets is not just about brand and price. Go for the best value for money for your various needs. Wellpromtion offers a wide range of customised luggage sets, and as an international manufacturer of bags, we offer you the best quality assurance from the source. If you would like to customise your own personalised bags, we are always happy to receive your enquiries and cooperation.

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