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Which tape lightweight luggage is best suitable for you

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        1. Cloth suitcase

Strong Oxford cloth and high density polyester fabric are preferred by many. This trunk is well breathable and softer. The topmost space of the cloth suitcase has a certain degree of ductility, and it is entirely feasible to put a few more clothes on the trip.

lightweight luggage

        2. Plastic waterproof suitcase

        Lightweight and affordable quality is the biggest selling point of all plastic luggage. Choosing this waterproof plastic suitcase can reduce the weight of a lot of travel if you want a non-cumbersome short trip or plan a short holiday for a few days. Such trunks have a less variable interior space than cloth trunks. This also means that you can store valuables that require a certain storage site with greater confidence.

        3. Alloy metal trunk

        Anti-wrestling is the biggest feature and the most obvious advantage of metal luggage. On the go it's perfectly OK if you want to sit on the trunk - acting as a stool to slow your fatigue. The disadvantage is that it is relatively heavier than other types of lever boxes. Similarly, the alloy metal trunk has the most fixed volume to ensure that your possessions are not squeezed.

lightweight luggage

        1. Select a trunk with an expansion layer

        The biggest function of the suitcase is to carry and store items. Choose a trunk with an expansion plate if you want to store more in an emergency. This kind of luggage with foldable space looks the same as the normal version when you don't need to add extra lever size.

        2. Note how the suitcase is switched

        There is a sizeable portion of the fashionable suitcase using a zipper set in the middle of the suitcase. The benefit of this approach is that the horizontally expanded area is larger, making it easier for users to find their own things more clearly. Another design is to turn the suitcase into a clamshell-like "box." The plate that serves as the lid can store only a few small volumes, such as documents, socks, or a scarf or two. This style of suitcase tends to last longer and is more suitable as a storage box for luggage. And, quite a few people find it difficult to accept that the suitcase has two equivalent volumes and prefers this old-fashioned traditional lever case.

        3. Add accessory packs to trunk

        The role of the accessory pack is obvious - accommodating more. Choose the type with the upper and lower open straps behind it to allow the metal lever in the trunk to pass through and be more stable. Note that packets with a slightly smaller bottom area than the trunk cross-sectional area are used as accessory packets. This is more conducive to one-handed control during travel.

        In addition, luggage should be selected in different sizes depending on the length of the journey. This is very important for people who want to carry their suitcases on an airplane. The consignment trunk is larger and heavier than the usual trunk, although it does not have to account for capacity. The mode of transport to and from the airport and the physical weight and size limits of the aircraft itself will affect the type of checked luggage you can use on the aircraft. So large suitcases are sometimes not the best choice.

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