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Wholesale our custom makeup bags make your marketing remarkable

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        It's safe to say that everyone who walks into a store is looking for something that will make life easier. One of the top priorities of the bags you carry when traveling is to keep the traveler as light as possible. This means bringing only the most basic beauty products and toiletries. The best way to achieve this is to choose a quality makeup bag that has enough space and a scientifically layered design as well as sensible fabrics and linings to hold everything you need, while still staying organized. If you're looking for a makeup bag supplier that's more than worth the investment to work with, our custom bag service can help you think of some key features of wholesale bags.

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        Travel and human skin friendly

        When choosing a makeup bag, it is important to consider the material. Every customer will want something that is durable and easy to clean. It should also be light enough that it doesn't feel heavy to use. The high-density polyester we always recommend is still durable enough to protect the essentials from harm. A good choice is nylon fabric or canvas-like material, as they are non-invasive, strong, and can be washed off easily. We also offer eco-friendly makeup bags made of RPET, transparent waterproof plastic makeup bags, which can make travel more convenient while meeting the completely harmless to the human body. Another aspect of being friendly to the human body is to conform to human use habits, so custom makeup bags also consider the handling of sorting space. For example, does the makeup bag have an internal compartment for smaller items such as makeup brushes or lip gloss? The vast majority of shopping malls do not like makeup bags that are just one big space where everything is mixed together in one big pile.

        Well Ventilated

        Good ventilation is the most important factor when designing a travel bag like a makeup bag. Not only do beauty stores want your cosmetics and skincare products to stay fresh, but gift companies that run quarterly promotions will also prefer makeup bags that can extend the life of your cosmetics, so a custom makeup bag should first and foremost be a bag that allows for airflow. If you want to avoid this, you can ask us to design bags with ventilation holes on several sides, or even with an open front. This way they are not completely cut off from the outside world. If you are looking for more affordable wholesale makeup bags, contact us via email or WhatsApp.

        Sturdy handles or straps

        Make sure the handles or straps are sturdy enough to hold all your stuff. Many visitors plan to carry a lot of stuff, and this is a serious aspect to consider. The same goes for straps - they need to be able to hold enough weight, but at the same time be comfortable and adjustable so that you can carry it on your shoulder or over one shoulder. That way, there's no pressure (and any potential soreness) on any part of your body while wearing it. Our existing makeup protection sample supports multiple ways to carry it, and can even be slung across the body or stuck on the trolley of your luggage. More convenience and less hassle will attract more customer attention. Choose Wellpromotion to help you stand out from your peers.

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        Lightweight luggage or bag is very important. We put ourselves in the user's shoes to consider the pattern design, material selection, and space layout of makeup bags. We find the most suitable place for each piece of clothing, cosmetics, gadgets, books, or any other items that may be packed. We also work from the perspective of wholesalers and gift companies to reduce costs and gain the trust of customers, custom bags will reduce your stress while increasing the visibility of your business. Look to Wellpromotion for more types of wholesale custom bags!

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