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Why choose a weekender bag

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Waterproof compartments for added security

Most of the weekender bags are made from waterproof polyester. This durable, waterproof fabric is perfect for the gym, beach, picnics and other occasions where you need to change clothes or shoes. Some people are concerned about personal hygiene and want to be able to change into their own flip-flops when they wash up after a workout. After all, slippers in public places are not guaranteed to be free of foot fungus. A cool, clean pair of spare flip-flops is essential for beach trips, and the lower part of the double opening of the weekender bag has a special compartment for shoes. Depending on the size of the weekender bag you can fit 1-2 pairs of adult shoes. There is no need to worry about dust or odours from clothes and belongings on the top layer. Each one is individually sized to fit your sunscreen, books, swimwear and more.


Always the right way to carry

The weekender bag also has an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle - soft and practical. It has a thick cushioned area where the shoulder strap touches the body or where the strap touches the hand, and the width of the shoulder strap is set to the most ergonomic length. The bag can also be used as a fashionista's tool. The fact that it is more practical than the average handbag or backpack is a big draw, and the fact that it has a distinctive design is also a big reason to buy it. Some of the weekender bags are available as part of luggage sets. This style of weekender bag has an opening on the back that runs up and down and can be inserted into the trolley of a suitcase. On the one hand, it holds the bag in place, but on the other hand, it provides an additional way of carrying it around, making it easier to do other activities while lugging the luggage around.

Looks like a beautiful scenery

With its beautiful colours and classic elemental patterns, the weekender bag is undoubtedly a magical presence that pleases the crowd. As a partner for short trips, it can easily hold a few days' worths of belongings without worrying about contamination of your personal clothing. Both the inner and outer pockets are spacious and separate, making it ideal not only for holiday travel but also for fitness enthusiasts who want to use it to get in and out of the gym. Locking sliders on both sides also prevent your mug from falling out. The versatile design creates a textured look, especially with the black weekender bag, and is also a bag that business travellers can never go wrong with.

Certainly, if You want to choose a fun travel bag to start a perfect weekend trip in the summer, then a two-colour weekender bag with wooden straw stripes must be in your range of options. The waterproof fabric with this pattern is weatherproof and creates a bright, tropical atmosphere, giving everyone the impression of being there.

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