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Why custom mini insulated bags are better than ordinary food bags

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        At first glance, the mini insulated bags that appear in the market may not look like much. But Wellpromotion offers a huge variety of lunch ice bags for various promotions, malls, and wholesalers in need. You should probably know - not only do we offer insulated bags with many proudly fashionable laminated outer layers and waterproof zippers. And there's a reliable insulation system underneath that unpretentious exterior. A very decent soft cooler bag that is simple to use and easy to be loved by everyone. It can make your mall shelves attract more customers and make more gift stores order your sales products. Come and consult our sample room professional consultants to choose a better custom bag for your business.mini insulated bag

        Wellpromotion developed the mini insulated bag with a complete full envelope of thick foam to provide reliable insulation that lasts longer than average. An opening that is longer than the inside of a regular food bag makes loading and finding what you're looking for simple. On the outside of the mini insulated bag, there is typically a large zippered pocket that provides well above average dry storage space. Notably, it can also be attached to a duffel bag-style carry handle for easy carrying. The professional production and design team creates a flexible shape to meet 100% of your custom needs for your company or clients. It can also be folded flat for storage (a unique feature that most competing products can't claim) and can easily accommodate tall objects.

        1. Bonus points

        The custom mini insulated bag is waterproof with its exterior and interior zippers. Although regular zippers are easier to use than waterproof zippers, waterproof zippers can often help keep the whole bag warmer or colder. Because we take into account the protection of the environment and the stability of the internal storage space, the mini insulated bags that we produce here are generally very strong and well-constructed. Also, if you want a longer shoulder strap for crossbody use. We can add adjustable straps to suit your needs. All in all, the mini insulated bag is a great value with performance well above its price tag. You can make a bulk order from us as a long-term investment.

        2. Advantages

        Our mini insulated bags are made of greener materials than ordinary lunch bags. The mini insulated bag container is perfect for fast food take-out and hot meals. Our lunch ice bags provide good insulation and serve as a beneficial space to ensure that food stays hot. As a result, a large number of restaurants and drinking establishments may need these small hand-carried, crossbody or even trunk-ready food coolers. Purchase our custom bags in bulk and you'll get a better price - cut costs and thus make more profit.

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        With a wide selection of our mini insulated bags, it's easy to find an eco-friendly bag container that fits your business, style, and personality. For more information on our green product selection, visit our stand-alone sample room and official website. Wellpromotion has thousands of square meters of stand-alone showrooms and production plants in Anhui, China. If you want to know the prices of our orders and the types of custom bags we are responsible for, feel free to let us know!

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