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Why our custom lunch bags are so popular

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        Lunch bags are not exclusive to children, and adults can also have a trusted lunch bag. And everyone doesn't want to eat yesterday's leftovers. By packing a clean homemade lunch cooler bag, you'll always be able to bring your favorite food to work, school, or even a picnic. In addition to being clean and hygienic, there are other benefits to bringing food from home: it saves you money. In addition, a reusable lunch box or bag means less waste and environmental protection than using disposable brown or plastic bags for food. We research and produce a wide range of better lunch bags to help you find customized bags that best suit your packaging plan.

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        1. Double assurance

        When choosing a lunch box, consider its insulation performance and ensure that it is made of waterproof and leakproof materials. A lunch bag made of plain canvas with high-quality materials and a variety of prints and colors is your perfect lunch match. More life-extending details include padded handles, durable zippers, and waterproof structures. Wellpromotion offers more dual quality assurance. We produce multi-layer lunch bags with mezzanine layers with high-density impermeable fabric with pearl cotton in the middle and waterproof high-temperature resistant Voltage aluminum film as the protective film. Customized lunch bags can also set up multiple layers of space to keep a clean circular space for dry foods like your biscuits or bread. Also, lock in the temperature and withstand the hot air so that your iced drinks don't lose any cool ice throughout the day. The tight heat protection of the lunch pack locks the ingredients fresh, opening a delicious lunchtime for the working one-afternoon staff.

        2. Easy to clean

        The insulated lunch bags we produce are not only available in different colors, but are made in waterproof shells and rock-solid forms. So you don't have to worry about lunch being crushed and crushed. Most importantly, it's easy to clean! In addition to maintaining an appropriate temperature environment for your food, insulation also saves you time in cleaning after catering. Even the remaining tea stains can be wiped with a wet paper towel. Of course, customized lunches and bags won't easily let your food leak or overflow. And it's compact enough to fit into your backpack and work handbag.

        3. Comfortable use

        Multi-layered pockets keep you prepared for every party. Cutlery, corkscrew, and mobile phone have specific mezzanine pocket storage. Lunch pack sides with mesh pockets and a storage room with pumping ropes can secure bottles or water cups and skillfully store your snacks. Carry in many ways, you can choose a cooler backpack, back it on your shoulders to free your hands, and make more room for other things. You can also wear them obliquely, and a lunch bag placed around your waist will not affect your normal activities. Families who prefer self-driving tend to choose a slightly larger lunch pack. Putting this "insulation box" with one or two handles in the trunk of a car is an ideal home version of the lunch pack.

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